Chris Herren visited my school today

If you don’t already know him or his story, he is a former NBA star whose life and career were affected by a 15 year addiction to heroin, cocain, and other substances.

I can honestly say I have never been touched by a school speaker.. until today.

He struggled for 15 years; lost his family, lost his job, lost hope for a sober life. He hit rock bottom, overdosed twice, was pronounced dead, and relapsed after almost every treatment house he was sent to. But still, at his lowest point, he hit his knees and found hope.

He is 4 and a half years sober, and now spends his time visiting professional sports teams, high schools, colleges, and more to tell his story and encourage kids to speak out and live a sober life.

He mentioned a girl who emailed him after he talked at her school. She told him that her heroin was her razor. Because of Chris, because of his story of struggle and hope in God, she is 12 months sober.

I ran into the bathroom after the talk and started crying. I was crying because my razor is my heroin, my toothbrush down my throat is my heroin, starving is my heroin, my fist against my own face is my heroin.

He finally made me break down and realize that I cannot continue to give in to my heroin and fail. With the help of God, and with the help of my friends and family, I can fight and truly live a sober life.

I want to email him my story.

Thank you, Chris Herren.


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