Me yo



Feeling great from my kickass 20min arm workout, but self-confidence-wise I’m feeling pretty shitty.

My face never breaks out but decided to explode everywhere. I showered at the gym and tried covering it up with makeup, but it looks even worse. Plus my hair isn’t cooperating and just ugh. Fuck me.

setmefreetoflyaway asked:
You post about you're Instagram now everyone wants to follow you. Lol.

I know right? You’d guys are wicked nosy 😝 but seriously though I hope you guys like my IG xoxoxoxo

Anonymous asked:
What is your instagram?:)

Just answered! xoxo

arunnersaddiction asked:
whats your instagram? :)


:) xoxo

Alright some girl followed me on IG yesterday and dear lord I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl before.. Like she’s absolutely stunning.

So I’m procrastinating cleaning my room by stalking her IG and fangirling

Anonymous asked:
you are adorable and so so so gorgeous

Oh hush, thank you love xoxo

Anon asked for a video, so here you go! ALSO excuse the randomness I chugged coffee right before making this





I swear it’s possible for me to look intimidating (sometimes)
Or just wicked douchey. Could be both.

Fuck off I’m pretty sure I have more testosterone than him

everyone does

That’s such a true statement


Hear no evil See no evil Speak no evil

I really love your tattoos

Anonymous asked:
Wing Person: first your body is incredible. Quit that mess Second, you said wicked, so you're either FROM or moved to New England. I can't remember if you stated that yet and I dig the 'Merica glasses. If you wanna talk gym stuff, hit me up. I just switched my workouts and it's been doing wonders for me. It's weird and actually the opposite of what most books say to do but I've had some success with it. So YEAH!!! Woo!!! Let's go get ourselves some girlfriends.

New England born and raised! I just started saying wicked this year, though.. My roommate was from around Boston so it kinda stuck on me.

Seriously though, that’d be awesome! A gym partner and a wingman? It’s perfect. I’m looking to try a new workout regimen so I’d definitely love to see what split you’re doing xoxo

Anonymous asked:
Wing person: Don't be jealous!!! You're the world traveller!!! I'm just an American traveller hahaha. The gym = life for sure. We definitely need to get together soon. What part of the country are you in? I end up all over the place.

The gym is definitely life, no doubt about it. I’m in New England! Wbu? xoxo

Anonymous asked:
You are so gorgeous, time for another video!

I’ll post one today:) xoxoxo

Anonymous asked:
Ur so freaking gorgeous! Ahhh I can't take it 😝

Aw thank you:) I’m glad you think so xoxoxo

sweatmorebleedless asked:
:D <3

You’re lucky I love you xoxo