sexnfitness asked:
I just read the ask regarding the Paleo diet. I have to say that Paleo is not about low-carb. It's about avoiding grains and eat mostly starchy vegetable like potatoes, yam or squash for example. Just want to clarify, have a nice day :).

^^thank you! xo

stillsuperdom asked:

THANK YOU xoxoxo

Anonymous asked:
Whats been stressing you so much that you cant sleep?

I just haven’t been sleeping; there’s really not a reason as to why.

I’m just stressing about school, my major, packing, my fitness goals and my back xoxo

Anonymous asked:
hey girl, i just read ur post and i really recommend you not do paleo :( i have done it and i really regret it, yes it does give you energy short term but its not sustainable and long term, its very low in carbs (glucose which our cell run on). and after a couple of months you end up binging (happened to me and many others) i would recommend a diet high in carbs and low in fat ^^

Thanks love! But I’m just doing it for a few days if anything; just needed to clean up my system and then I’ll go back to eating the way that’s best for my body xoxo

Alright. Here’s a little bit of reality. 

I’m exhausted. I’ve worked out twice this week. My eating has been iffy. I’m lucky if I get 6 hours of sleep, though lately it’s been about 4 hours a night. I’m stressed, and all this is taking SUCH a huge toll on my mind and body. 

The bags underneath my eyes are ridiculous, and the only thing I want to do right now is curl up in bed with a cup of tea and alternate between crying and sleeping. 

So instead, I’m drinking tea, making lunch (gonna go paleo for a week or two; see how my body handles it), and listening to the most calming music I can find (AKA mostly Josh Groban). 

Life sucks sometimes. What matters is how you handle the obstacles presented to you. Take a break, collect your mind, and then get shit done.

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I love your hair! It's cute but tough. It's sassy but professional. It's sexy but classy too. If it could only make me pizza it'd be perfect 💪🍕👌🌷😝

Haha thank you lovely xoxo

Anonymous asked:
You seem like you go through fazes of being happy n then not... What do you think needs to happen so you can make more happy moments and less of those not happy moments?

I just try to get through the day.

It’s what you gotta do when you have depression; just try to stay as positive as possible and hope you can make it through the day xoxo


Hey guys have a selfie

Cutie patootie 😘

Kinda just want a killer tan, huge muscles and lots of tattoos.

Anonymous asked:
Are you allowed to have a car at your school?

Yessir! I’m bringing mine up this year xoxo

Anonymous asked:
I just read that you use to self-harm. please don't do that it makes me sad... it's like an angel sawing off her wings :(

I’m no angel, but I’ve been better with the self harm. Almost 4 months clean:) xoxo

Anonymous asked:
Do you like driving on the highway? Do you like going fast? What's the fastest you've driven?

I HATE the highway. I can drive the parkway no problem, but I hate being around trucks on such narrow lanes (bad experiences).
I like driving a normal speed.. I usually hit 40 pretty easily, but on the parkway/highway I’ll go around 60-70. The high test was 90ish and I thought my car was gonna explode xoxo



Watching the NPGL last night was the most incredible experience I could have ever asked for. It was so empowering to see all these beautiful, strong, and extremely athletic women kick ass at a sport men were competing in as well. 

Afterwards, we grabbed dinner at Chiptole, ran home (almost puked, but made it through), and spent the hour train ride home talking about weightlifting, gains, and changing one’s physique simply through athletics. 

So I woke up this morning with an unexplainable high to change myself and my life. Not only that, but to take in how blessed I am for the changes I’ve made this past summer and how much I’ve grown since school. 

I’m done being that weak girl. I want to be one of those girls that people look up to. Do I want a kick ass body? Abso-fucking-lutely. But do I really want the body over the strength and empowerment I can bring to myself as well as to other? Not at all. 

I want to be that success story. I want to be a famous athlete. Whether it’s for rugby, powerlifting, fitness completions, crossfit or just an obsessive gym-goer, I want to be that athlete people look at and say, “Wow. If she can make it, so can I.”

That’s what I want, and that’s my goal over everything else in this world.


Progress. I woke up like this.

Goal: to one day be as badass as you


Video: Nick Offerman Recites Some Profound Shower Thoughts [gifs via]