Spent the night in the EE because of my back. Turns out I have sciatica on my right side, and will get more tests done Friday.

For now, I’m out of school for two days and am on medication to help relieve pain. So I will be (hopefully) sleeping as much as possible.

Anonymous asked:
How many times a week do you lift and do cardio? Love the glasses btw

Thank you!! I try to go to the gym as much as possible, but lately my back has been getting worse so I can’t do much ): I usually do cardio for 10-20min 5x a week and lift afterwards! xoxo

Why yes, I should be studying right now. Did the abundance of selfies I’m taking give it away?

Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend, I'd never let you go. Keep you in my arms, girl, you'd nev... Lol jk. But really, if you were my girlfriend, I would just be there for you. Not just when you're happy. Not just when you're sad. But also when you're angry and irritable. Even when we're fighting, I'm never going to just walk away without figuring out how to solve it. And this is a given: Hit up the gym, find dope activities like rock climbing to mix it up, eat healthy, and be the most badass couple.

Haha brownie points for the song use.
You sound amazing.. like holy god. Thank you for this:) xoxoxo

Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend, I'd make sure you had breakfast made when you woke up. I'd take you on random road trips and surprise you with random gifts. I'd make sure you knew that I not only appreciated you, but that I was extremely grateful to have you. If you needed a workout buddy, I'd totally be game and if you were down, I'd be sure to do everything in my power to help you feel better, whether it be helping you stick to your schedule or simply listening when you need to talk.

God.. you’re perfect I swear. I feel like I wouldn’t deserve you, but I swear I would prove to you every single day that I could treat you right and the way you deserve xoxo

Can I get “If you were my girlfriend…” messages?

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Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend... I'd get up every morning to make you protein pancakes or a yummy omelet with bacon. We'd lift all the goddamn weights in the gym and i'd push you to hit as many PR's as you can each week, big or small. On weekends we'd take adventures to new places. I'd take you on hiking trips where we can camp out, eat s'mores, lay under the stars and listen to the silence of the night. I'd massage your back and sing your favorite slow songs each night till you fall...

Asleep. Whenever you aren’t doing well or feel sick, i’d make your favorite snack & build you a pillow fort to feel safe so you can snuggle up and watch Netflix. If you’re upset and i can’t be there, i will tirelessly send you corny jokes, stupid stories, and goofy pictures to try and get even the slightest hint of a smile. I wouldn’t let a day go by without knowing that you feel loved and cared about.

Can you come off anon.. please?
You sound perfect and amazing and I would be so incredibly blessed to be with someone like you xoxo

Anonymous asked:
If you were my gf, I would gently massage your feet every night until you fell asleep.

That sounds so nice! I’ve never had a foot massage before xoxo

Anonymous asked:
Are you actually wanting a girlfriend? If so, I would love a chance with you.

Ofcourse id love to be in a relationship. As of right now I’m incredibly happy working on myself, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to meet people:) so seriously, talk to me xoxo

Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend I'd hold you and cuddle you and spoon you and make food for you and tuck you in and stroke your hair. (I'm not lesbian though :/

Aw, you still sound incredible:) any gir would be blessed to have you in her life xoxo

Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend, we would lift like heavy motherfuckers and do bad ass yoga poses in the gym. And then eat our prep-meals and our protein shakes then finish off our work out in the bedroom.

HELL YEAH. Fucking perfect; marry me xoxo

Anonymous asked:
Also, if you were my girlfriend I wouldn't have to drink myself to sleep alone tonight

I’d rub your back and kiss you to sleep so you didn’t feel the need to drink anymore xoxo

Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend I would never have to fear your judgment and I would never let you feel like you didn't have a best friend to run to (it would be me. We'd be best friends)

I would never be with anyone who wasn’t my best friend.. I think that’s the best characteristic a partner can have:) xoxo

Anonymous asked:
If you were my girlfriend, I'd probably just enjoy every moment I had with you. I'd be like "Go you!" with whatever your goals are, because you're fucking awesome and I'd love watching you kick ass and be happy. I'd feel comfortable opening up to you, because I feel like you'd understand what I've gone through in life. I'd also give you massages whenever you wanted, cuz I like giving them. Honestly though, I'd probably get caught up wondering how I ended up with someone as amazing as you.

Oh also, sorry you’ve had a shitty day :/ I hope tomorrow treats you better.

Stopppp.. this is so cute and you’re so sweet:) thank you so much, you sound like you would be a perfect girlfriend xoxoxo

If we’re being honest here, I’m having a really shitty fucking day. All I really want to do is go home and crawl into bed and have my mom make me pasta fagioli. 

Yeah, it’s been that kind of weekend.